cidre artisanal

Cider production and selling since 1920

We produce not only Calvados and Pommeau but also the Vire AOC cider


The cider production begins every year around October with the apple harvest, when they are mature and full of sun.

The most rich and flavored apple are first washed, sorted and then transformed into pulp.

Juice are then slowly brought to maturation, this fermentation takes to 3 to 4 weeks.

Ciders are born at this stage of fermentation, when sugar turns into alcohol. The balance between sugar, acidity and bitterness must perfectly match. This is when our 60 years savoir-faire turn apple to tasty and strong cider.

Cider is low alcohol-content and fully appreciate to slake your thirst.

Our traditional dry cider, low in sugar, perfectly match with salted receipt.

Distillerie La Monnerie
Lieu-Dit la Monnerie
61100  Cerisy-Belle-Étoile

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé.
Consommer avec modération.
La vente d’alcool est interdite aux mineurs.
Femmes enceintes,
la consommation d’alcool même en petite quantité
peut nuire à la santé de votre enfant.
Distillerie La Monnerie