La monnerie distillery's history

Specialized in Calva, cider and apple liquor , la Monnerie distillery welcomes you in Swiss Normandy, and more precisely in Cerisy-Belle-Etoile at the foot of Cerisy Mount (10 minutes from Flers, 30 minutes from Vire, 1h from Caen, 1h30 from the landing beaches, and Mont-Saint-Michel, and 3h from Paris). Let’s contact La Monnerie Distillery to get more information about our activity!


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Huddled together in bass Normandy at the heart of Ornais Bocage, you will find la Maison Legay, wich belongs to the Legay familly, a family of distillers since the early 20’s.

Constant, the grand-father, was the founder of the distillery. Born in 1891, he had a strong personality, and wanted to make his life comfortable. Its curious mind ahead of his time, leads him to gain lands and plant several apple trees. then, he grew its own orchards and also developed a dairy activity.

Supported by his wife Suzanne, our father named Rémy succeeded him in the early 60’s . Suzanne discreetly secured the placing of their son in the society.


Since 1988, Didier Legay, his grandson, helped by his wife Isabelle ran the lands located in Cerisy-Belle-Etoile in order to perpetuate the tradition of calvados elaboration the same still (alambic), over a century old.

Come and discover our family distillery, and be lucky to be revealed the slow processing of Apple into Calva with our various range of calvas, ciders, and apple liquors. We also offer you a large choice of boxes and greedy baskets full of our local products, available for sale. We can also design your personalized tags.

Find our entire distillery products in our online catalog, and feel free to leave a comment in our visitors book!

Distillerie Monnerie

Our Norman products

  • Our AOC Apple liquor ((AOC = a term of controlled origin), Norman aperitif, should be served and tasted chilled. You will love the alliance of Calva, and apple juice aged in an oak barrel for 3 years.
  • Our cider is a traditional dry cider, slightly sweet with fruity taste, and a subtle flavor of the land on which they are grown.
  • Our Calva is aged in oaken barrels, and we closely keep an eye on its aging.

Please feel free to come, we will be pleased to make you visit and discover our traditional distillery. You will appreciate our approach, where tradition and quality remain our family concerns for three generations now.

As soon as you will get into our caves, you will be overwhelmed with this smell. Don’t shilly-shall, let’s taste it!

Distillerie La Monnerie
Lieu-Dit la Monnerie
61100  Cerisy-Belle-Étoile

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé.
Consommer avec modération.
La vente d’alcool est interdite aux mineurs.
Femmes enceintes,
la consommation d’alcool même en petite quantité
peut nuire à la santé de votre enfant.
Distillerie La Monnerie